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Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

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Product Code: Social Media Manager
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Price: 295.00€

Social Media Marketing Manager Pack

Finally a solution that'll take care of your Social Mediaour
​ Social Media Manager Pack 
Manages your Social Media Accounts for 1 month.

This Pack is ideal for the busy owner who does not have time to update  
Social Media Accounts with great content to help sell there products and promote there brand name.

What Accounts Are Included 

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram included.
  • (Please add logins for each of the accounts on check out)


  1. Daily once a day content sharing to your social accounts
  2. Reputation management
  3. Audience engagement
  4. Monthly KPI reporting
  5. Suggestions for graphics and marketing

What’s included in your content posting?

  • Daily content sharing. 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Content specifically crafted for your business.
  • Engaging content including links, videos, pictures and more.
  • Promoting your products and services through posts.
  • Custom branded graphics to increase brand awareness.

What’s included in profile optimisation?

  • Making sure the 'about' info is correct
  • Making sure the graphics are engaging
  • Making sure the call to action buttons are set up

What’s included in Facebook ads?

  • Ad budget of £30 for promotion of your Facebook page
  • Setting up one Ad
  • Reporting on analytics dashboard

Whats Not Included

​Please add logins for each of you Social Media Accounts on check out
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram